Kaiser-Kit wound dressing kit launched in Switzerland

The Swiss army knife is renowned the world over for bringing together an assortment of useful things in a single compact unit. Now the same can be said of a new single-use wound dressing change kit including Zorflex® contact dressings, featured at EWMA 2015.

The Kaiser-Kit® Wounds pack is named after the Swiss-based wound care clinician, Michaela Kaiser, who has successfully treated over 200 patients with Zorflex VB-K contact dressings at Limmattal Hospital. Initially being distributed in Switzerland by IVF Hartmann, the kit will be available in other countries later in the year.

The kit combines the wound-healing benefits of Zorflex with the added convenience to clinicians of assembling all the materials required for a wound dressing change in a single, easy-to-use pack.

Antimicrobial Zorflex wound contact dressings have been shown in clinical evaluations internationally to accelerate wound closure times, reduce pain and exudate and reduce overall wound healing costs.

Key to the effectiveness of Zorflex dressings are van der Waals forces which attract, entrap and kill microbes on the dressing surface, ‘cleaning’ the wound bed to create good conditions for healing.

Other dressing materials incorporated in the kit are separate compresses for wound bed cleaning and use as secondary dressings, as well as an elasticated bandage and a fixing plaster.

An innovative sterile spatula with a very sharp, even edge debrides devitalised tissue quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of harming new granulation.

Separate coloured forceps are provided for removing old wound dressings and for trimming the Zorflex dressing to fit the shape and size of the wound. Other items include a drape, a 10ml. ampoule of sterile water for cleansing the wound bed, disposable gloves, skin protection cream to treat the periwound area, and a wound assessment form.