UK Zorflex® evaluation sees 90% of wounds heal in 5 weeks

The shorter wound closure times compare with the usual minimum of 12 weeks (84 days) the hospital’s staff would expect with conventional dressings.

Conducted by Dr Helene Scheer, Wound Expert, Michaela Kaiser, and Dr Urs Zingg of Limmattal Hospital in Zürich-Schlieren, the study aimed to identify outcomes of applying Zorflex® directly on a wound.

The 34 male and 36 female subjects – median age 68 – were all patients with chronic wounds who had been treated with Zorflex® contact dressings between October 2013 and November 2015 at the hospital.

The location of the wounds included 24 truncal (abdomen, thorax or back) wounds and 46 on extremities, with a median wound size of 6.9cm². Truncal wounds were larger: 10cm² median size v. 2cm² for extremities wounds.

Overall median time to wound closure was 51 days, with similar times observed in both truncal (52 days) and extremities wounds (53 days). A subset of abdominal wounds showed similar results. No adverse events such as allergies or skin irritation occurred.

The Limmattal team concludes: “Directly applied, (Zorflex®) is an easy-to-apply, safe and effective treatment with short closure times for wounds of different aetiology.”

Zorflex® wound contact dressings are manufactured by Chemviron Carbon Cloth Division. For more information telephone +44 (0)191 584 6962, email