Zorflex® sponsors infection and biofilm, patient care, in JWC WUWHS Awards

Zorflex® is sponsoring two categories of the new JWC WUWHS Awards – infection and biofilm, and outstanding achievement in patient care.

The awards mark a new collaboration between the Journal of Wound Care (JWC) and the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS). The award ceremony will take place on September 27 in Florence at the WUWHS 2016 Word Congress.

Infection and biofilm can hinder healing and characterise many chronic, non-healing wounds. Prevention and control are therefore top priorities for patients and professionals alike. Researchers and health professionals who have demonstrated a novel approach in this complex area have entered the category.

Patient care is at the heart of wound healing. Whether through education, clinical practice or research, patient-centred care improves quality of life and aids healing. This award will recognise the outstanding contribution in this area.

JWC and WUWHS have now amalgamated their boards, bringing together some of the greatest minds in tissue viability internationally. The new awards will chart the progress of wound care since the 2012 WUWHS World Congress in Japan. They will give an opportunity to assess the work conducted in the field since then.

The burden of infection and biofilm

Bioburden and infection are key challenges in wound management, impairing the healing of chronic wounds and other wound types. Protracted healing impacts patient health and accounts for up to 4% of healthcare budgets.

In the US, chronic wounds affect around 6.5 million patients and cost an estimated $25 billion each year. Chronic wound care costs the UK NHS an estimated £2.3-3.1 billion annually (2006 prices), or 3% of the overall NHS budget. In Australia, the figure is around $3 billion per year.

The award categories fit with Zorflex’s core benefit of accelerated wound healing using an antimicrobial action, which in turn improves patient care.

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